Micro-freezing Food

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Micro-freezing Food is the food by handling of Micro-freezing technology


Micro-freezing technology is a modern quick-freeze technology in a very short time  kept frozen body of the original tissue cells doing not change in.
 Micro-freezing technology is a patented invention technology, and the world's leading micro-freeze technology. Micro-freeze technology gets the National Certification through and can directly be used in frozen foods, but also to obtain the certification through the United States FDA. The laboratory test results to the industrialization of food production and  the scientific and technological achievements embodied the transformation of social values.
 Our core technology is a low temperature (-30 degrees ) Biology frozen liquid medium, that is, micro-freeze fluid.

 Micro-frozen foods in the following four areas will change the world food industry and the human healthy.
1. Improve the human health  
The earliest human food preservation or storage methods have 5 big kinds: basic methods; acidic method; sweet methods; salt  methods and drying methods. The rise of modern refrigeration methods of the sixth. With the acceleration of the work of people's lives and the food industry's rapid development, it is the ratio of consumption of frozen foods is increasing. Frozen food due to ice damage, making in substantial loss of the salt material and the soluble protein, led to a serious imbalance in diet, decreased immunity, subhealth; obesity; and cancer have the opportunity to increase significantly. Micro-frozen food completely to ensure food integrity of the body cells so that the nutritional content of food largest retained, so that people eating closer to nature. A people healthy  gets the revolutionary improve .
2. To maintain the original flavor of food and the freshness
Micro-freeze food products remained almost the original flavor and freshness. This is the dreams and hope of city  people eating . Freezing technology to retain the food salt  material and the soluble protein, of course, the food will retain the original flavor and freshness. Micro-frozen technology for Frozen Prepared Food is a revolutionary advance, because the biggest weakness for Frozen Prepared Food is not good food to keep the original flavor and freshness. This will greatly change the food processing industry and catering industry, the mode of operation, but also change people's eating habits.

Micro-technology allows life fish resurrection  after freezing, this is our reality. Its core values is to maintain the life of the food  body be no loss and no change; maintained  food  body's original flavor and freshness is no loss and no change.

3. 40 percent cost dowen
The use of micro-technology deal with the micro-freeze frozen food, than the current conventional quick-freezing technology to save 40% of power consumption. That is, the original 100 units to power consumption, and now only 60 units of power consumption can be solved the same thing. On this scale is how to achieve cost savings of? Let us check  a group of data : the density of micro--freeze fluid is 1300 times morn then the air, the thermal conductivity coefficient is 30 times morn then the air, the conversion rate for electrical energy into cold energy is more than 95%. So this kind of energy-saving effect is there is a scientific basis, and the statistics is from the factory site using micro-freeze technology.
4. Free environmental pollution
The Micro-freeze liquid is an environment-friendly bio-liquid without any negative effects for food. The design of our micro-freezing technology is repeated recycling process, no pollutants produced.  Micro-freeze technology in producing raw materials, the application of biology would be significantly reduced output of garbage.